Who Makes The Best RC Helicopter

who-makes-the-best-rc-helicopterNow that you are an official RC helicopter enthusiast, you are probably wondering who makes the best rc helicopter in the business. Quite frankly, there is only one name any enthusiast can think of and this is Blade® maker of the blade mCX units. The name itself is known as a manufacturer that offers anything you need for small parts, batteries and the entire set of blade mCX. The unit was introduced in the market for more or less than a decade, but it is still the best option you can buy on the market.

Micro Sized

The Blade® features easy to fly control perfectly for first time pilots. Even if you don’t have an idea of how to fly real life chopper, you can fly this thing with easy without any hassle. You can fly this anytime and anywhere even in indoors. It offers unsurpassed stability and incredible control because of its perfectly design coaxial counter rotating design which is designed by Spektrum™. Thanks to its innovative features such as its rotor span of only 7.5 inches, you can easily fly this thing almost anywhere.


The E-flite Blade mCX is recognized by many online reviews and enthusiast as the best rc helicopter today. It is so stable it can hover at a solid spot without even have the right knowledge on how to fly a real chopper. In fact, the eflite blade mcx gained great feedbacks from many enthusiasts and garnered 99% of positive reviews because of its quality and durability. The good thing this model is you can replace parts whenever you like it. Moreover, you can modify its looks a bit just like a car.

To sum up these technical jargons, there is only one name in the RC helicopter business and this is Blade®. If you would like to learn more about top rc helicopters, Venus Rocketry is a great place to start.

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