Panseh Tsewole’s Views On Africa

Africa is one of the continents with a very high population. It is also one of the continents that have the largest size when it comes to land property. However, Africa has countries with least improvement when it comes to economic status. In Africa, many people are having a problem when it comes to money. Many people die of starvation and many people are left to die because of the lack of support and money to buy even the basic needs that they have. However, Africa has many wonderful places to visit. In Panseh Tsewole’s views, you will see that Africa has much potential and is need to be focused on.

Positive Views

As what Panseh Tsewole say, Africa has much potential. There are improvements on how people deal with their situation. When it comes to democracy, people tend to be more democratic now than what they are before. Because of this, many people tend to fight for what they think is right. Their ways nowadays help them improve their economic status. They will tend to keep on growing and growing to be of level in the global competition. However, many countries in Africa should also abide by this way of thinking in order for the whole continent to uplift their status in the whole world.

Positive Effects

With this many views of Panseh Tsewole published online and anywhere in the world, people in Africa will have a better chance of achieving higher economic status because they will feel that they can. Once they are taught to fight for having a better life, it would be an encouragement for them to attain that high economic status. With the democratic views of some people in Africa, many would be inspired to fight for what they can have. This views can help them have a better life.

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