Can You Qualify For BR1M 2017 If You Live Outside Malaysia?

can-you-qualify-for-br1m-2017There are some people who wishes to get some financial aid from the country where they lived in probably because they wanted their families to benefit from it, and some just want to acquire the money for them to be able to live a better financial life. The question whether or not br1m2017 is eligible for people who are currently living outside of Malaysia, and the answer can be found here!

It’ a No!

You need to take note that the answer is actually a no. It’s sad to say that the government strictly requires all applicants to be a resident in Malaysia at the actual time where they are applying for the funds. That’s why one of their basic requirements for getting the funds is a billing or mailing address to prove further that you’re a person living in Malaysia.

This also means that regardless of your financial status in the country, as long as you’re not currently living in the country, there will be no chance for you to get the br1m funds in any way. However, to those who have dependents or someone in the family that might be eligible for gettijng it, they can do so.

All you need to do is to tell your family member such as a spouse or a parent to get the br1m 2017 in order for them to acquire the financial help that they need while you work abroad. Take note that almost every adult individual can get br1m as long as they reside in Malaysia, and are registered citizens in the country.

It might not be safe to say that you can acquire the funds if you’re outside Malaysia at the moment due to work or other purposes, but at least you can tell others close or living with you to acquire one themselves. It’s a great way to save money at home, and it even helps you take home more money after working abroad.

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