A Guide To The Many Types Of Meditation

many-types-of-meditationMeditation is an activity that can be practiced in many different ways. If you are a beginner or inquiring, then we can help you find the appropriate meditation technique. By doing so, you can eliminate the ones that may not fit to your personality and lifestyle. These two factors are very important because Transcendental Meditation can only be achieved through constant practice. So you must anticipate that this stress relieving activity may require that you change previous habits and apply strict discipline. But with the goal to Transcend to Cosmos, UnifyCosmos will be a great companion.

Different Meditation Types

All practitioners are not the same. They are subjectively diverse because of many factors such as the people think, their experienced truths, and expectations about Transcending. But here are some types of Meditation to acquire a peaceful state.

  • Meditation through sounds. The practitioner must become aware about the reality of universal vibrations that can only be felt and heard on a quiet place with no sound disturbances that can hinder the Primordial Sound Meditation.
  • Meditation through Preoccupation. The process involve a body scan and breathe awareness, assessing your stress levels through Medical equipments and using meditation practices to reduce subjective pains and acquire a state.
  • ZEN meditation. This meditation is engraved under Buddhist doctrines that follow Sutras and require sitting positions in order to relax a meditated state. It aims to be struck with sudden revelation at the peak of highest mindful rest.
  • Transcendental Meditation. This is exercised through mantra revelations where student shall be in a state of guided thinking in order to relate and become engulfed to a mantra phrase, which is possible through disciplined meditation.

These meditation techniques can be learned at UnifyCosmos so you can be sure to choose the best practice that can suit your needs and everyday living.

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