Affordable Car Insurance Is Not Always Cheap

rechner mit autoCar insurance plans can now be found online such as at This is a plan that every car owner should have no matter what make and year of their vehicle is. Note that what you should be looking for in an insurance plan should not be restricted to the premiums alone. A car insurance is way more than its price. It should be its entire coverage compared against its price. Thus, you should not look for the cheapest car insurance possible but an affordable one that is worth what you are paying for.

What to Look for In a Car Insurance

Here are some tips to spot a good policy:

  • Windscreen Coverage

The policy should allow you to have your windscreen repaired or replaced due to loss or damage.

  • Personal Belongings Coverage

Whether you lost or damage your personal belongings in your car due to accident or theft, the policy should cover the damage or loss.

  • Key Loss or Theft

The insurer should cover the cost of lost or stolen car, ignition, steering lock, and other keys.

  • No Claims Discount Protection

This is a feature that protects your no-claims discount even after you make a claim. Having this policy ensures that this discount remains intact.

  • Car Immobilization coverage

In case your car is immobilized, the insurance company should be the one to retrieve and cover the costs of removing your car from the accident scene.

  • Alternative Car Policy

This is called the courtesy car where in you will be provided with an alternative vehicle while yours is currently being repaired due to an accident.

  • Repair guarantee

The insurance policy such as at should guarantee that your car would be repaired by any of the repairers accredited by the insurer. This is an assurance that your car will be dealt with accordingly and not left out to incur more damage.

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