How Difficult Is Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Guide Workout?

bikini-guide-workoutYou are probably anxious about the Kyla’s Bikini Guide Workout since there are lots of claims that such program can turn your body from flabby into hotty in just 6 months. Quite frankly, because of the advancement of the technology, you might say that it is obviously edited from Photoshop. However, all the pieces of stuff you saw online about the claims of the bikini body program are real. It can be impossible to realize at first but all it takes is following the program from executing the exercises and eating the recommended food included in the Kyla Itsines guide. It might sound difficult but it is not complicated either.

Pros Of the Program

All the exercises included at the Bikini Guide Workout are easy to follow. The step by step processes on how the execution is done is available on the 10-minute videos. The exercises are specific that focuses on a certain part of your body at a time. It includes directions and menus including the expected result.  At first, it may seem challenging, but when you try it regardless of your weight, it is not difficult. The exercise will not push your body to your limits. In fact, the exercises available can be done within 30 minutes. You can also have a certain day off in a week in order to tone your muscles. As soon as the exercises become your daily habit, you will realize that such program is a life changing and enjoyable.

Cons Of The Program

You have to invest a bit buying different workout devices such as dumbbells and jumping rope. You can purchase the things you need for your exercise one at the time which may require you to spend for about $30 or more. Another is the diet program has a bit low on calories and some are actually having a difficult time when applying this diet program. All in all, the results are incredibly amazing.

Are All Types Of Carrageenan Safe?

are-all-types-of-carrageenan-safeCarrageen comes in two forms: food-grade and degraded. For several decades, food-grade carrageenan has been used in the food and cosmetic industry. Its main role is to thicken, emulsify, or bind ingredients. Degraded carrageenan is not used in these two industries. Thus, is you see carrageenan in your food or cosmetic products, this means that are they are in the food-grade form.

Types of Food-Grade Carrageenan

Food grade carrageenan comes in a variety of types and the question is carrageenan safe or not has been a recent concern. As per FDA assessment, food grade carrageenan is safe for human consumption in the form of food additives and gum bases. The three basic types of food-grade carrageenan include kappa, iota, and lambda.

Kappa carrageenan is soluble in hot water and is used as a gelling agent. It is typically used in 0.02 to 2.0%. Kappa is slightly opaque and it becomes clear with the addition of sugar. Iota is also soluble in hot water. Sodium iota is soluble in cold water as well. It is an elastic and clear gel, which can be frozen and thawed. Just like kappa, it is insoluble in a majority of organic solvents. This is usually utilized in amounts of 0.2 to 2.0%. Lastly, the lamba carrageenan is a free flowing type, which is non-gelling solution. It is fully soluble in hot water while only partially soluble in cold water. It is also insoluble in organic solvents. Its usual level of utility ranges from 0.1 to 1%.

No matter what type of food carrageenan it is, it is safe for human consumption since there are regulations regarding the use of this substance, just as with any other food additive. The question, “is carrageenan safe?” is something that has been answered by the FDA long ago and the answer is yes.

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