Panseh Tsewole’s Views On Africa

Africa is one of the continents with a very high population. It is also one of the continents that have the largest size when it comes to land property. However, Africa has countries with least improvement when it comes to economic status. In Africa, many people are having a problem when it comes to money. Many people die of starvation and many people are left to die because of the lack of support and money to buy even the basic needs that they have. However, Africa has many wonderful places to visit. In Panseh Tsewole’s views, you will see that Africa has much potential and is need to be focused on.

Positive Views

As what Panseh Tsewole say, Africa has much potential. There are improvements on how people deal with their situation. When it comes to democracy, people tend to be more democratic now than what they are before. Because of this, many people tend to fight for what they think is right. Their ways nowadays help them improve their economic status. They will tend to keep on growing and growing to be of level in the global competition. However, many countries in Africa should also abide by this way of thinking in order for the whole continent to uplift their status in the whole world.

Positive Effects

With this many views of Panseh Tsewole published online and anywhere in the world, people in Africa will have a better chance of achieving higher economic status because they will feel that they can. Once they are taught to fight for having a better life, it would be an encouragement for them to attain that high economic status. With the democratic views of some people in Africa, many would be inspired to fight for what they can have. This views can help them have a better life.

How To Choose A Cosmetology School

Cosmetology is often a job that most people overlook nowadays. Due to the fact that different gadgets are introduced every now and then, most people are focused on jobs that require computers. Just like in weddings, photographers and videographers are said to be important. They never realized that make-up artists and hair stylists are also important. Without them, will people in the reception look at their best look? Definitely not, right? That is why hiring them is equally important as the photographers and videographers.

Things To Consider In Choosing Your School

At present, cosmetology is making names not just in the entertainment industry but in all areas. There are many schools specialized in cosmetology nowadays. So if you want to attend training to a cosmetology school, here are the some of the things you need to remember:

  • The reputation of the school- first thing to consider in choosing a cosmetology school is their status and ranking. Do not settle for something less. Make sure the status is good. Companies often look after the reputation of the school they attended.
  • Location- choosing the location is another thing to consider. After choosing the best school for you, check out the nearest branch in your area. if no available branches area, you might consider renting a place near the school to save time and money.
  • Cost- it is equally important to check the fees of your chosen course. You might want to compare to check if it matches your budget. If it is too high, you might consider getting financial assistance from different organizations.
  • Course and class size- after making up your mind which specific branch of cosmetology you would enroll, you also have the option to choose your class. You can choose whether you want to attend a small class size or large class size.

A Singapore Lion Dance That Stands Out: A LED Lion Dance

a-led-lion-danceChinese New Year is celebrated not just in China but in so many parts of the world including Philippines, Korea, America, and Singapore. As a person who believes in this kind of culture and tradition it can be exhausting when it comes of organizing this event whether you are going to celebrate this to your family or to the business that you are running for. In fact, during December, the LED lion dance Singapore services are somehow fully booked already. But, it doesn’t mean that you are going to miss the opportunity not to attract good fortune and keep those bad luck away this year.


You can find vast of contemporary and high-end LED lion dance Singapore costumes over the web. All you have to do is to do your homework in order to find the best in the business. Keep in mind that not because the group knows how to dance, they are qualified to perform the lion dance art. It does require not just skills and talent, but also knowledge about Kung Fu. It should be performed gracefully with incorporate colors and elements that connect according to the Chinese culture.


There are traditional and modern techniques of lion dances these days. Regardless of your preference, ensure that the value of the tradition will not be set aside. For people who might think that this is just another cultural dance for the Chinese, they are somehow missing the big picture. The lion dance is indeed a cultural dance but it signifies the three pillars of the Buddhist.

Types Of Lion

There are many types of lions like the Japanese lion, the western, the hok san lion and the old school lion which you commonly see during festivals. But there is also the LED lion dance where you will see an extraordinary performance using LED technology in the most extravagant Chinese culture way.

Can You Qualify For BR1M 2017 If You Live Outside Malaysia?

can-you-qualify-for-br1m-2017There are some people who wishes to get some financial aid from the country where they lived in probably because they wanted their families to benefit from it, and some just want to acquire the money for them to be able to live a better financial life. The question whether or not br1m2017 is eligible for people who are currently living outside of Malaysia, and the answer can be found here!

It’ a No!

You need to take note that the answer is actually a no. It’s sad to say that the government strictly requires all applicants to be a resident in Malaysia at the actual time where they are applying for the funds. That’s why one of their basic requirements for getting the funds is a billing or mailing address to prove further that you’re a person living in Malaysia.

This also means that regardless of your financial status in the country, as long as you’re not currently living in the country, there will be no chance for you to get the br1m funds in any way. However, to those who have dependents or someone in the family that might be eligible for gettijng it, they can do so.

All you need to do is to tell your family member such as a spouse or a parent to get the br1m 2017 in order for them to acquire the financial help that they need while you work abroad. Take note that almost every adult individual can get br1m as long as they reside in Malaysia, and are registered citizens in the country.

It might not be safe to say that you can acquire the funds if you’re outside Malaysia at the moment due to work or other purposes, but at least you can tell others close or living with you to acquire one themselves. It’s a great way to save money at home, and it even helps you take home more money after working abroad.

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